Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mostly here on the blog I talk about homeschool and parenting stuff. But did you know I’m CRAZY into crafts? I spend every free moment making, designing, planning, or seeking cool inspiration. And you know what else? I want need to crack down and get my Etsy store going. Which brings up another, did you know… I’ve had an Etsy store, set up, waiting, for over 2 years. Part of me says “ugghhhhh another mommy blogger opens an Etsy store, how common.” But you know what. I don’t consider myself a mommy blogger. I mean technically I AM, but I’ve been blogging (this is my third active blog, two old ones are now defunct for various reasons) for over 5 years! Most mommy bloggers recently jumped on the bandwagon. And no I don’t think there is anything wrong with mommy bloggers. I just hate to feel like I to jumped on a bandwagon, especially when I didn’t.  And the Etsy part, have most bloggers had a store set up ready to go and waiting for two years!??!

Recently a friend was in my basement (was a craft studio and is stashed with stuff) and after revealing my giant stash of handmade soaps, huge bin of hand crocheted stuff my mom gave me to sell, and various “oh yeah, that’s to sell one day” completed crafts, she says asked me what I did with dominos. Crafts wise that is. Because she had found one laying around.  “All kinds of jewelry and stuff. Plus in assemblage, plus once I glued it on an ugly doll for a face, but that’s not my style anymore.” And I turned around, grabbed a box, and wall-ah! Said “See.” The box had at least a dozen completed, all they need is to be photographed and packaged, ready to sell domino necklaces.

Today was the first meeting of a “Spiritual Friendship” group for one of the churches I go to. We all choose a practice, anything we want even if it isn’t usually considered religious, and practice it preferably daily for about 6 months. We meet monthly to discuss it, and also are doing a particular meditative book.  I chose for my practice to be crafts and journaling. Some days I can’t craft, and some I can’t journal, so between them I can do one or the other every day. Thinking and discussing with these women my choice I couldn’t help but think about the PILES of stuff I have laying around waiting to be listed on Etsy. When I got home I had to order the book we’ll be using, and spent my last bit of spending cash. (Hubby gives me a small amount very pay period for whatever I want to buy. Half of it usually goes to extra groceries!) I was really hoping to buy cool doll stuff ,(I have several cool collectible dolls, but you didn’t know that either!) photography stuff (like a 620 to 35 mm adaptor for my Brownie that I’m trying to get to work) or tights (five below was a gorgeous array of colors, including the good thick knit ones!) Instead I bought a book. So I have tons of crafts laying around, a serious shortage of spending cash, and there seems to be an obvious solution. Wouldn’t you agree? (And Lorie, if you are reading this, that spending money shortage is why your stamps, yes plural, are carved but still sitting here! Be patient with me! If it helps they are my favorite carvings to date!)

So what does this very run on sentenced ramble mean? I am going to, finally, open my Etsy shop. It’ll include crafts I made, vintage stuff I find, and even some cool craft supplies (artsy themed variety packs anyone?) Even some prints of my good  photos. When will it be open? I have no idea! Hopefully in time for some last minute Christmas gifts. Maybe? Definitely in time for spending any Christmas money you receive!

And followers, I want to ask, if you follow me for homeschool, my general writing, or my rare posts of crafts/photography/cool finds? Sometimes I consider doing a more design artsy oriented blog, but homeschool and Blu are such a big part of my life. I’m not a fan of artists who barely mention their kids.  Also followers, I’m not sure how loyally you read my blog, but I want to tell you how much I TRULY appreciate you. Every time I see a new follower my heart skips a beat. I love you, just for following me.

(PS. Do you think this post counts as my first journal practice?? I’m going to say….. yes.)

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maryanne said...

I don't remember why I started followign your blog, but I like reading about Blu and your photography/crafts. I tend to like eclectic blogs, so yours is a good fit :-)