Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Five, am I Still alive?

Here it is Friday!!! Time to see if this worked for a whole week!

Our schedule is:

Count Pennies

Create a Picture- An old game I bought where there are tiles, about 2x2 inches, with parts of a picture on them. It’s made by Ravensburger, and I have NO idea how old it actually is. I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s, based on the pictures on the box.  You can freeform pictures using them. It has parts of a house, different roof pieces, people, fields, sky, trees, etc etc. Blu LOVES it, and I won’t lie, I tend to play with it without him too! There is ONE listed on eBay right now, $25 buy it now. I honestly say it’s worth it!

Mr Potato Head and our giant case of parts

Read a Book

Counting Pumpkins- I’m not entirely sure where this came from, because I already cut it out and assembled it. It’s just a mini book where you can count up to seven pumpkins, each page adding one more. So you count one through seven. It all hooks on just one little binder ring.

Fall Booklet with Daddy- An Emergent reader book from the internet, it’s from Reading A-Z. Reading A-Z is a great site, but is by subscription. I’ve never had a subscription, maybe I got this book as a free trial? You can give them just your email address and get 30 free books and worksheets! I’ve had it printed out and in the “Fall” file for quite awhile. Maybe someone gave it to me already printed? I have received boxes of stuff, print outs and things, from retired teachers.  Our copy is black and white, so they can color it and/or read it. Hopefully both.

And? We did them ALL! We had the first several boxes done by breakfast, started box 3 of Mr P, and then went to a book sale, came back finished the boxes, and enjoyed our day!

Blu is NOT enjoying the pennies like he was the first day. I think I may move it to counting dimes, and just do it once a week. It seems like he lost interest in it.

He create a very sky themed picture, and enjoyed it.

110609 008He only played with Mr P a very short time, because I was trying to get to the book sale before traffic, and was hoping it might tire him out enough to want to come back and take a nap.  He did play with it long enough to count it as a completed box though.

After the sale we did box four and read a book. Actually a page of a book. Since we have been having problems with daytime reading I read one single page of the Jesse Bear counting book. I figured with one page it is short, it’s not introducing to many numbers at once, and maybe he’ll stick with it better. He DID! It totally worked! He was very surprised when I stopped reading after only one page, and was going to ask for more, instead of the usually asking me to stop.

Then we did our counting pumpkins book.  Looking at the book again it clear says it is from Literacy which I can’t seem to find anywhere. It seems to be now defunct. Keeping in mind I’ve been saving school files since before Blu was before, I have no idea how old this booklet even is! There are also websites all over sharing single files and crediting Literacy Activities, so …

Daddy and Blu colored, sorta they didn’t finish, the Fall book. Blu was being VERY precise in his coloring, and was tired of it before the book was done. But he did quite a bit, so I’m considering it a mission accomplished!

110609 031Since Blu was SO good about doing his workboxes, even asking to do boxes instead of eating or playing his favorite games, I let him pick a surprise from the “Big Surprise Box!” We have two boxes of rewards. One box is really dinky surprises, all valued well under a dollar, like a small sheet of stickers or a single party favor toy,  he gets these if he is just exceptionally behaved all day. If he does something just extraordinarily wonderful we gets one at random.  He gets two or three over the course of an average week. The second box is bigger prizes, things up to a dollar or $2.50 in value, things like small toys, store bought mini books to decorate, etc. He gets these never more then once a week. Essentially if he gets enough small toys and is still very good he can get one big one at the end of the week. He’s only ever gotten a big toy twice, maybe three times, in the couple months we’ve been doing it. Today as his big surprise he picked a toy harmonica (notice it’s a blowing toy? I’ve been talking about that a lot this week with his speech delay.)

110609 035So we did it! We actually did it!!!!! Five days, completing six boxes, we stuck with it a whole week!!!!

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