Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Four, Is it a Bore?

It’s day four, and honestly I rarely stick with anything 4 days in a row.

Our schedule is:

Color and make a large jointed scarecrow. I’ve had this is my “Fall” file for awhile, so I’m not sure where it came from. It may have been copied from one of my books, given to me, found online, I have no idea. It doesn’t say anything clearly as to where it came from. It’s a large jointed scarecrow, you color it and put it together with brads.

Read Book- Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and for him to read Chicka Chicka ABC board book. He likes to read his own book while I read aloud, and I think this may be a smart idea, cause they are so similar.

Coloring Page Cutting and Blowing- We’re going to cut or tear tissue in fall colors and blow them onto the A is for Acorn coloring page from First School.


Count Pennies

Fantacolor- With Daddy- A neat peg picture toy. We LOVE it, and so does every kid who visits!

And, did I stick with it through day four? I did!!!  I don’t have picture of us doing the work, because my camera battery died, and was charging while we worked. But

We colored the scarecrow this morning, and I assembled it this evening, while he and Daddy did their box together.

110509 024We DID read the books, and he started out well enough, but I ended up reading aloud while he played. Oh well.

For our coloring page we cut and tore, but didn’t blow. After one piece of tissue I could see that he has graduated from blowing tissue, one blow and they ALL went flying. So we did “pat pat pat” and poked them on.

110509 025

We stamped, he stamped himself more then the paper I think so there isn’t much art to show.

He counted his pennies, and once again said he didn’t want to keep them. I think he wants to move up to quarters. He already, ages ago, wouldn’t let me give him just quarters to spend he insisted on a dollar bill.

And then we muffin bombed some neighbors. Apparently when the recipe said it makes 18-20 muffins it meant it makes 33. So we shared. To muffin bomb you just do similar to a ding dong ditch, or place it between the storm door and front door and don’t do anything. If you live in an area like us, and people would be suspicious then label them with where they came from. I labeled ours with a simple label, our name and address, then on the back of the bag wrote what kind they were and listed the major allergy ingredients.

110509 005(The finger is concealing the address)  

Daddy and Blu did their box too, and that leaves us with just one more day to see if we stick with this for a whole week!!! The more I look at workbox stuff online the more I think that a 12 box system may actually work for us. So if this whole week works out….

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Orange Juice said...

good job sticking w things!!! I am the same way. :)