Monday, November 2, 2009

Day One of the New style

So Today, Monday we had the following activities scheduled:

Apple Mobile- A page in a book of September Arts and Crafts Ideas (my book is missing it’s cover, so I can’t find the exact one online to link to)

Count 10 pennies

Fall shape Puzzles– These were diecuts I bought at Dollar Tree, then laminated, and cut into random pieces.

110109 006

Acorn Sensory Tub- This is an old plastic frozen food tub that I put a bunch of silk leaves into and a fistful of acorns. He digs around and collects the acorns.

110109 001


Read a book- I’m going to let him pick one from the shelf, instead of forcing a particular title on him

P is For Panthers Sticker Dot Sheet- With Daddy!- I’m using the P is For Panthers page from Making Learning Fun, and then they apply stickers (bright garage sale stickers because that’s what we have!) into the circle spaces.  They have tons of other teams too.

What did we accomplish?

Of our 6 scheduled activities we had FOUR done before breakfast! When I told Blu that I had workboxes for us to do AFTER breakfast he said “No eat! Box!!” And stuck by his word, until that is he saw the oatmeal I heat up anyway. I had cracked down a bit more even after my post yesterday and made a very basic set of workbox numbers and schedule strips. We literally do a box, stick the number on the strip. He likes it, and we call them stickers.

110209 027Our first box, coloring the apple mobile. I had it prestrung, and all he had to do was color it, then gluestick on one little verse:

“Apples are a Tasty Treat-

Crunchy, sweet and fun to eat.

And with each and every bite,

Your teeth stay healthy, clean, and white”

He barely colored it, literally one or two small scribbles on each side of each piece, but oh well.

110209 028Counting Pennies worked FABULOUSLY!!! First we counted to take them out of a ziploc baggie I put them in, then lined them and count them, THEN counted them as he put them one by one into his hand to put in his piggy bank. 

110209 032Putting the puzzle together.

For his sensory tub he barely played with it. He reached in grabbed a fistful of acorns, dropped them back in and put the lid back on. The whole thing lasted maybe a minute, I didn’t even have time to grab the camera and turn it on.

Then for a book he got to pick one off the shelf,  he picked Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein, and I read about 6 or so poems.

So the only box left is the Panthers Sticker sheet to do with daddy. Assuming Nick can do his job, and finish one single box with Blu, then we actually completed our workboxes for the day!!

I’ve been telling Nick that I may actually, if this week goes well, up Blu’s number of daily boxes. By the time you calculate daily things we do anyway we could still have a relaxed day but slightly more scheduled. We already watch a sign video every day, usually let me do a little bit of computer time on KidZui, and we’re beginning to implement daily family art time. That’s three more boxes already!

Kidzui is a kid safe internet browser and I like it. We have the free membership, but even though Blu is young I contemplate paying for the higher level. The higher level has a section of chosen website for homework help, and a few other neat things, mostly it’s more options. Rating options, clothes for your avatar, background colors, etc, stuff to play around with.  One thing I like is that unlike other kids browsers I’ve tried this one actually is full of stuff already. One I tried your kids could ONLY access the website your manually entered for them, but who has that kind of time?!!? KidZui is already loaded with videos, pictures, and websites. Most of the time any website I try to put in for Blu (Starfall, etc) is already there.

Stay tuned to see if workboxes actually work tomorrow!

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