Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Three, Is it Still for Me?

Today is day Three, Wednesday, of the new way of schooling. A relaxed, crack down approach, using workboxes.

Our schedule was:

Apple Stamping- using an actual apple and paint to stamp

Felt Board- we have a HUGE set of felt board items, because my Mom is in overachiever who made them over the years.

Bubble Painting- using soapy water and a straw to create bubble prints.

A Ziploc Tracer- These are all over the web lately, and I’ve been in love with them for ages (even back when my now 12 year old cousin was Blu’s age.) You squirt a whole bunch of paint, or shaving cream, or whatever, into a ziploc, squeeze out as much air as possible, then seal duck tape the top shut.  The kids can use their fingers to trace in the paint.

Count Pennies- quickly becoming Blu’s favorite

Read a Book- With Daddy!

And did we achieve it?? Ummm, almost.

We tried the apple stamping, but the apple wouldn’t stamp well, so Blu painted the apple, and then the paper and said he was painting apples on the paper. And yes you read that correctly. He painted THE apple.

110409 002Felt Board- success! He loved it! I need to make some clothes for my people shapes. He used circle to give them all eyes, and more humorous, belly buttons!  No pics though.

We skipped the Bubble Blowing. He’s getting over a cold, and still has congestion and a bad cough (bad enough that we visited the Dr today, but he’s okay.) I didn’t think excessive blowing would be a good idea. We played with his pattern block set instead.

110409 005110409 007 He seemed to enjoy the tracer, but didn’t play with it long. I bet he’ll ask for it tomorrow though, he does that. It’s orange paint. I’m teaching him to say orange, and he’s getting it, but he was just saying “redyellow!!” Which, come on, how smart is that!! especially since I did not teach him about color mixxing yet when he started that.

110409 001  

We counted pennies, but he said he didn’t want to keep them and put them in his bank, which was shocking.

110409 003

Then his last box, read a book with Daddy.   He would NOT do. He doesn’t generally like to read during the day. He associates reading with sleeping, and thinks reading means he was to take a nap. (Anyone have advice on how to fix that? I tell him he doesn’t have to nap, I read excitedly, I read fun books.) I think part of the problem though is that Nick is not the best out loud reader, he can be kind of monotone. And also we had gone grocery shopping, thrift shopping, to the doctor, and he was worn out by the time we were all home and he could sit down to do the box.

All in all, I’m labeling this day a success!! Let’s find out if tomorrow will be to!

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