Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Two!

Today our activities are:

Apple Tree cutting Story- you cut a paper plate as you tell the story. This one is based on the song I’ve shared before “way up high in the apple tree…”

Fingerprint leaves

Fall Themed Beading

Go outside and Blow leaves across the sidewalk (if it’s rainy we’ll blow leaves across the floor.) The motion of blowing, with an O mouth shape, help activate muscles and can be good for speech issues.

A Leaf Matching Game- I took a bag of silk leaves from Dollar Tree, traced some onto index cards, and you have to match the shape of the leaf to the outline.

Count Pennies- with Daddy!

Did we achieve them all? YES!!! Two days in a row! I feel like we’re on a roll!  We got three of them done before lunch, the other two done by 1 and the one with daddy was finished when Daddy got home. (And yes daddy did his box yesterday too)

The cutting story was, mehhh, so-so. He kinda enjoyed it, maybe? He sat and watched, but didn’t get much out of it. Though he did ask me to do it again.  I don’t think I’ll be doing another one anytime soon.

I have NO pictures of our fingerprint project, because it required to much Mommy help to take pictures and then has already been carried off to a new home by the mailman, but will have the new owner send me a picture.

For our fall themed beading I discovered we didn’t have many fall themed beads, and if you go into a store after Halloween you must be looking for Christmas stuff. Not one (two crafts stores and Target) had any Fall themed stuff left. They had a miniscule amount of Halloween, which was already up to 70% off. We just used some kinda sorta fall colored pony beads, 20 in all, and a pipe cleaner. At first Blu made some AB patterns, without being asked, but when I said how great the pattern was he decided to pull his dummy routine and act like he couldn’t do it anymore.

110309 004

I decided we should blow a leaf inside, and he LOVED blowing a leaf from our nature table across the table. We played a soccer like game, making the leaves go back and forth.  We had leaf races. We had a good time.

110309 008 

He did his leaf matching almost flawlessly. I didn’t notice exactly how similar two leaves were, and that messed him up. I told him to show me his proud face, and this is what I got,

110309 012 More of a dumbstruck look really but oh well.

Now, let’s see if we manage to complete them all again tomorrow!

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