Saturday, November 21, 2009

I really need to….

Make Thanksgiving decor- I’m having 13 people here!

Update my blogroll (I subscribe to 104!!, Follow with friend connect 61, and don’t even know how many I get by email)

Sew- My friend and I are doing a “ping pong quilt” meaning we take turns doing a row on each others quilts, until it’s done. I’ve had hers since before Halloween, or maybe at Halloween, either way…

Figure out how I’m going to cook two separate turkeys. 27 pounds total!!

Work out- It’s been a lonnngggggg while

Buy a new journal- Well I don’t really NEED to, I have dozens, but every time I resolve to journal more I feel the need to buy a new one and start fresh.

Take a nap- exhausted

What do you really need to do?

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Orange Juice said...

I left you an award