Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let’s Try this Again

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I haven’t posted real school related stuff for awhile. Since August my thoughts have gone something like this:

Take a break and plan! Collect ideas, read about techniques, choose a method.

Crack down!! School!!

Relax! If it happens it happens, plan a weeks worth and let it take a month!

Take a break and plan!

Crack down!

Take a break and plan!

Relax and don’t do anything.

Right now I’m at a combo of crack down AND relax. I’m going to plan 6 easy activities every day, and try to crack down on actually doing them. The reason I kept wanting to relax is that Blu is not even 3 yet, and I don’t want his whole day to be set and scheduled and fit on a sheet of paper. But at the same time I want to crack down because his behavior, attitude, knowledge, AND speech are all improved when we do work. It occurred to me, six boxes, even at 10 minutes a  piece, is one hour! One hour of his whole 12+ hour day! I think that’s a fair amount of schedule. Even if each box takes 20 minutes, and they shouldn’t, then that is only two hours, add in a speech related DVD and a whole lousy 1/4 of his day is spoken for. And so I’m going to crack down in a relaxed way. If that’s possible. Maybe it’s not?

So the new plan is:

Every day has six activities

One activity every day is to count 10 pennies. He then gets to keep them, and taadaaa built in allowance! I plan to buy one roll of quarters, a week’s supply, then secretly every weekend change out his piggy bank for quarters and dollar bills, to recycle the pennies every week. That way when he actually asks to spend some he doesn’t just have a huge lump of pennies to pay with.

One of the six, the final box, will be with Daddy. So the first 5 have to be done before Daddy gets home.

Hopefully this will help us, and also help me to have more constant things to blog about. For this week especially I hope to blog daily about what was scheduled and whether or not we actually did them all.

And just the sake of a pretty picture:

102209 056This was at the Pumpkin Patch/Enchanted Forest/Petting Zoo we went to. This view of the woods was just breath taking to me. Notice the vivid colored mushrooms, they were scattered throughout the Enchanted Forest right in that area.

So stay tuned, while we see if this new approach actually works for us, and more interestingly if I actually stick with it!

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