Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trying Something New-

Well two things actually. I’ve been thinking about Blu’s eating habits, and what we tend to eat for lunch and I’ve been pretty unhappy with it. Last night when we read “Bread and Jam for Frances” and I read the lunches they listed I nearly cried! Blu and I almost always have leftovers.

When Blu was a baby I made ALL of his baby food. He had jarred food exactly twice. While we were traveling. I kept baggies in the freezer, and bowls in the fridge, with everything from apple sauce to zucchini. Every meal I’d put three different foods into his separated dish. As he started eating exactly what I eat we’ve gotten in a rut. We almost always have a fresh hot breakfast, and our leftovers do have quite a bit of variety, but when it’s time to eat lunch it usually consists of putting a container in the microwave and then dishing it out.

So I decided that from now on I’m going to give him a MINIMUM of three different foods for lunch. And I don’t mean ingredients, my husband pointed out today that our lunch was much more then three “foods.” Today we ate ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins) tomato soup, and crackers topped with cream cheese and apple slivers.  And he ate almost all of it! He left literally an inch of celery on his plate. Lunch was an enjoyable experience, and he didn’t fight it at all. It was very successful.

The second thing we tried was separate quiet time. Blu gave up napping, most days, a few months ago, but I KNOW his little brain needs a rest. Sleep in general is a HUGE fight with him. I spend an hour usually getting him to sleep at night. He absolutely cannot go to sleep by himself. So many people have smart remarks to make to this, but honestly this boy came out like that! When he was a newborn I’d spend over an hour getting him to go to sleep, and he’d sleep for maybe 15 minutes. He’d scream like you were killing him if you even attempted to put him in the crib, cradle, and yes even the swing.

So I’ve been thinking for awhile now that maybe we need to instate a daily quiet time. He doesn’t have to sleep, or even lay down, but he does have to be in his bed and quiet. We tried it today and it did not go well. He spent the entire 15 minutes (a time I decided to start with, and up it from there) screaming like I had abandoned him and he’d never see me again. I’m still going to try tomorrow. We’re going to read a quick book, then go our separate ways for 15 minutes. And, No, I don’t expect it to go any better. We shall see though what tomorrow holds!

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Orange Juice said...

OH GIRL! Keep trying. Really! We do quiet time too. It's hard almost every time. But it's getting better. Just make it a routine/ritual and hopefully eventually he will be able to adapt.
New things are always difficult for tots. Also, remind him every time WHY you're doing it. It may help eventually too.