Sunday, November 15, 2009

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when just two days after Halloween the stores all had Christmas stuff, some even had the Christmas music! I can’t help but think about how we seemed to have gone from a day of greed and candy to a day of greed and presents, while completely skipping over the day to be thankful. The day that we thank God for the food we have to eat, the friends we buy presents for, the feet we use to go trick or treating. 

Sure Thanksgiving to some people is about gluttony and sloth, but really isn’t it what YOU make of it?  I’m not talking turkeys here. I’m talking gratitude.  Instead of doing daily Christmas crafts, why not do a gratitude tree? Why not make surprise gifts for people you are thankful for? If it’s about gratitude to you then that is what it’s about.

I understand some people are completely skipping Thanksgiving because their kids are showing interest in Christmas, and want to introduce the true meaning of the holiday. But does that really warrant skipping the holiday in between. Don’t you think God wants us to take some time just being thankful? Even if you don’t believe in God, don’t you think there should be time betweens the hub bub and costumes of Halloween and the hub bub and parties of Christmas to just rest? To just think about everything. Is teaching kids about Christmas really worth skipping over teaching them to be thankful?

Am I alone in this? I’m sorry, I LOVE Christmas, but I’m going to take November to teach my kid to be grateful. We’re going to discuss the harvest and how we always have enough to eat. We’re going to talk about the daily beauty of the falling leaves and changing colors. We’ll talk about how the earth needs the change in weather.   And we will NOT talk about Christmas trees until after Thanksgiving.

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