Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog Posts

Boy I am the Queen of irregular blog posters! I didn't even manage to post a Merry Christmas to everyone!!! I do have a good excuse though, kinda. My husband had a health episode, nothing serious, it just wiped him out so I was on my own. I had to catch up on what wasn't done the day he was in the ER, try to do Christmas things that hadn't gotten done yet, and do the regular everyday things of the house without him. THEN we were involved in the "Blizzard of '09" and I had to shovel the snow, and eeeekkk drive in it!! Now the exhaustion has subsided, I'm mostly caught up, and feel up to posting again, BUT my computer is in serious need of a replacement, and will barely, if I'm lucky, connect to the internet. If I'm not lucky it won't connect at all! All of my photos, my preferred blog writing app, and more are on MY computer! So bare with me. I'm not gone, I'm working on some ideas from my life to use for regular blog posts, and will be posting regularly-ish, hopefully from now on!

Stay tuned, next time I'm on a working computer you get to hear about our Christmas. I will give you one hint, we decided to follow a three gift limit, and BOY did it revolution our Christmas. It was wonderful!!!!!

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