Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I LOVE this soup, and it couldn’t be easier!


As much cooked diced chicken as you want, and the budget will allow. If it’s a tight money week, just use a little!

1 large jar of salsa (not a giant Sam’s Club jug, just a standard large size)

1 carton of Chicken Broth (I don’t have any in my cabinet to check, because I used it when I made the soup) but I believe it’s a quart)

Cheese- Velveeta cut into chunks, a jar of cheese dip, or grated cheddar, your choice.

Bag of frozen corn (I usually leave out the corn, because it gives me an upset tummy, but it does taste good!)

Optional: Can of Black Beans (I usually add this when I’m leaving out the corn.)

How to:

Pour all the ingredients into a large pot. Heat until you’re ready to eat!!

Note: If using grated cheese you will either have to stir it ALOT to make it creamy, or you can just use it as a topper in each bowl after the soup is cooked. 

Also, I have never used jarred cheese dip for this. I’ve used a leftover pack of cheese sauce from some taco kit, and I’ve used grated, and I’ve used Velveeta. The original recipe calls for a whole jar of cheese sauce, so I included that option. However I personally wouldn’t use a whole jar anyway. When I used just the small packet it was MORE then enough, and I’d estimate it at about 3-4 tablespoons worth.

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