Thursday, December 10, 2009

It’s about Time

This post that is, it is actually about time. I’ve been thinking lately, I do do that sometimes, about my life. Where I want it to be vs where it is. As a mom, I tend to say the issue is time. “Not enough time.” How many times have you said that? And, more importantly, was it actually true?

Years ago I read an article, maybe in a miniatures magazine, about a woman who had to do a project. For her project she decided to prove she had no spare time. Any time she had a spare moment she’d write the length of time on a  woodchip.  Her thought was that when the project was due she’d have a small handful of woodchips, and proof she had no extra time. Instead she had a large box full! She discovered she DID have time, but it was in 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Woodchips of time she called them. This article had an affect on me, though I tend to use the same excuse “no time!”

I’d love to be crafty all the time. To make art my life, and my living, like Martha Stewart, Katie Brown, Noreen Crone Finlay, Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, etc etc. The list clearly goes on and on. And when I think about what is stopping me I always say “time. Time is what stops me.” But is it really? Or am I letting time stop me? Not to toot my own horn, I’m am usually very humble about it, but talent and know how, are NOT what is stopping me.

I know one thing, if I spent half as much time making things as I do talking about them, shopping for supplies, or looking for ideas (Cause you know, I just don’t have enough of my own already. It’s not like I’m already overwhelmed with ideas and future projects or anything.) I’d be making more projects then you can imagine. Truth is, I just spend to much time fantasizing and not enough actually doing. All that supply shopping, is 99.9% of the time, pretend shopping. I almost never actually buy anything. I spend hours after Blu goes to sleep, and anytime he is actually playing alone (which is rare) browsing the web, looking for neat supplies, viewing websites, and reading over a hundred blogs. (I really DO follow that many.) .

Which also brings me to blogging. Why don’t I blog daily? Two things, “time” and lack of things to write about. Is time really stopping me though? If I have time to read over a hundred blogs, why don’t I have time to write just one? Now the lack of things to write about is true. Unless you want one liners about what Blu did or said. Despite my constant complaint of time, my life is actually very boring.

So where is it you want to be in your life? What is stopping you? And is it REALLY stopping you? Or do you only have wood chips?

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