Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Problem with Separate Blog Writers

When I write blog posts, I don’t use Blogger. I use a separate program called ‘Live Writer’ which is SO much easier and nicer to use. I can center photos in a a single click, add hyperlinks almost as easily, and easily see saved drafts all together. I love it for my blog writing, but there is one downside.

I always forget to log into blogger and check out comments!! I just remembered today, I was cooking breakfast and thought “gosh my blog has been awful quiet lately, why isn’t anyone commenting?” Getting downcast I realized “Oh duh!!! I have to go check for them!!” So I did, and over a week ago the lovely Orange Juice left me an award!!!!!! I GOT AN AWARD! I could scream it from the mountain tops! When I saw the comment I couldn’t wait to log in and read about it and see which one. So much so that I decided to put off workboxes, wait to get Blu in school clothes and log in RIGHT now and look.

So Thank YOU Orange Juice for the award:

th_onelovelyblogawardimageAnd when I get back from Blu’s school today and finishing grocery shopping I’ll share the award with a blog I love. There are a lot to choose from, I follow well over a hundred!

Little known fact, Kristi from Orange Juice has more then once written to me by accident! I just happen to share a name with a writer on Today’s Housewife, and she has confused us more then once. LOL We laugh about it. And now I’ve embarrassed her and she’ll probably never give me an award again. Hummmmm…

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