Monday, December 21, 2009

A Store Listing- mini zine

I’ve said that I’d actually started utilizing my Etsy shop, and while I sold a fair amount of my finished items to a friend I was able to list a mini-zine today.  I did a “doodle comic,” as I call them, about the 24 hour period of 10:30 am Friday to 10:30 am Saturday. It includes a trip to the ER, rushed eating (twice) and waking up to a blizzard!

If you’re interested it’s only a buck, and you can buy one here!

And on a different note, let me show you a picture of my car, preshoveling, more on that later. Right now I’m exhausted, and still recovery from that one 24 hour period! Catching up, PLUS doing the everyday, when hubby is sick, is HARD!

122009 202And this is mid-day Saturday, by the time the snow stopped that table had over a foot of snow on it!

122009 168

More to come, after I sleep. If only I could sleep for dayyyysssssssss.  

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