Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Zine Machine

I’ve started, after many years of saying I was, to write a zine. I’ve always loved zines, I just never took the actual time to write them, or decided to use my money to buy them. I actually told a friend I felt like a zine poser. I SAY I’m into them, but really i know they exist and own like 3. I recently started a Spiritual Friendship group, where we each pick one practice that we find spiritual and do it (almost) daily. I picked crafts AND journaling, because some days I can’t craft and some I can’t journal, so between the two I should be covered.

My journaling quickly turned into actual zine writing, and I have some mixed feelings on it.

1- I am enjoying that instead of writing random thoughts, or following a journal prompt, I am taking time to really think about each subject. Because I made my zine a larger format (legal sized paper folded in half) each page takes a fair amount to fill. So instead of jotting two or three sentences I find that I am really contemplating subjects throughout the day. The actual zine writing is going slowly (I have maybe four pages done.) but the spiritual contemplative factor is going very well.

2- Since I am writing these longish entries and being so contemplative I feel like I am missing out on some of the stupid everyday memories that I would usually be journaling. For example how the other day Blu smelled my feet, freshly out of some very toasty slippers, and said “mommy feet bath!” then after more consideration “mommy feet died!” I’m not making top ten lists, or silly stories. I feel like I am missing out on some things I’d enjoy writing about. Now, obviously it’s my zine and I can write what I want, and maybe I just need to start writing those things in my zine!

I am quickly finding that as I focus on my zine, contemplating and writing, I think about zines more in general. My zine collection has gone from having three I got 5 years ago, to maybe a dozen? I got three tiny zines from one Etsy seller, and one GREAT Thank-God-For-Them Etsy seller had a PIF zine destash. And I have more then once spent my last few bucks on a zine.  Just today I sold some of my crafted stash (a bit of a delay on actually opening an online store, but it cleared the stash and gives me a fresh start, plus gave me some cash.) The cash was supposed to go directly to my card, $5 over here and there, plus interest rates and it starts to add up, more then I’d like for a card I try to have no balance on.  Instead, in less then an hour, I was already on Etsy zine shopping (I LOVE looking at online distros, but it’s to much temptation to overspend.) And yes I already ordered one.

I feel like I went from a zine poser to a true zinester in a matter of a month. I even BEGGED my husband to do a zine challenge with me, anything made using one single piece of paper, due by Christmas. His response was “Why can’t you do it by yourself.” I replied with “Well that’s just stupid, where’s the challenge in that?”

So I’m off, I have two zines to write for, and got a new zine in the mail today to read. (The La-La Theory, issue 7, a neat little zine about language and linguistics.)

And to anyone who misses my photos, and is sick of my pictureless posts, I actually shot some photos at the park this week. The cold weather, and a two year old who constantly says “No go! STAY HOME!,” has just been keeping me from photo moments worth sharing.

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