Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Homeschool Planning Idea (with download!)

I’ve noticed that like many homeschoolers we are already hording a large amount of games, manipulatives, and activities we like. I’ve been wishing there was a chart that let me see not only what we have, but when we last used it. Then when planning our week and workboxes I can work in items we haven’t used for awhile. In my mind, and I know this is probably a lie and I have no intention of sticking to it, if it goes without use for 6 months then it can be gotten rid of! I mean come on, if we haven’t played with a certain puzzle in 6 months can’t it go to the Thrift??

It’s a simple document, you write the activity in one column, then there are 7 narrow columns where you jot the date you use it. The activity can be anything from playing Simon Says, to visiting a petting zoo or museum, to using a game/puzzle/workbook.

I posted it on Scribd, and you can snag as many copies as you need for free, HERE. One thing though, when I exported it as a PDF, it somehow gained a blank second page that I can’t seem to get rid off! So you might want to set your printer to only print page 1.



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