Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Dressed in Garb and I Liked It

Last Saturday I had been invited to an Amtgard Coronation. Amtgard is essentially a more relaxed SCA. You dress in medieval/renaissance garb, but it doesn’t have to be 100% period and accurate, AND there is a strong fantasy element to it. More then one player had elf ear attachments, and one character was a bear man. I forget the term he used but he was essentially a bear that walks on two legs and fights with swords and talks.

Since I have had interest in SCA and am also willing to try anything once I pulled some garby items from my closet, yes they were my everyday clothes I just dress “funny,” and I went. And I had a BALL! It was so much fun!

Since I had to go to my friend and get costume approval (turns out it was fine anyway) I didn’t get any pictures of me in my garb before I left the house, then we had a birthday party after and so I just came home to worn out and forgot. BUT don’t worry there will be pictures of me in costume to come, because I have EVERY intention to keep playing!

This weekend I may go to another event, AND Blu and possibly even Nick might go too! How adorable will this face be in garb!??!

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