Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A LARGE family

For New Years my parents came, and we had small amounts of family while they were here. In one photo my living room is full of people, but I know it was a very small percentage of my family here that day. One uncle and his kids, one cousin and his wife, us, and my parents. That’s it. It made me curious, how much family do I have??

Well, assuming all my brainstorming and math is correct I have:

18 Living Aunts and Uncles by blood or step family, not including by marriage

I think 10 Aunts and Uncles by marriage, meaning they married my Aunt or Uncle

42 Cousins- all the children of aunts and uncles by blood or marriage


35 second cousins! Kids of those cousins.

And if you want to get really technical, I also have 2 third cousins, kids of cousins kids!

And that does not include anyone who “well we know they’re related but we don’t know how.” This is only strictly accounted for aunts, uncles, their kids, and those kids (my cousins) kids.

That is a LARGE family! Let’s hope I’ve never expected to fit them all in my house!

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Mommy Matters said...

I can't even do the math on how big my family could one day be!!! It kinda scares me to think about it...lol...will I be able to remember all the birthdays?? How many Christmas presents will I have to buy? Heck, will I even be able to remember all my grandkids names???