Saturday, January 9, 2010

We're Not Raising Children, We're Raising Adults

Blu has a tendency to do some strange things, to put it mildly, weird little kid things, and many parents would be inclined to let him. "He's only a boy/toddler." "But it's so cute!" I have a different philiosohpy on parenting. We as parents are not raising children, we are not raising little girls or little boys. We are raising adults, responsible women and men. Do they still need, and deserve, to climb trees, finger paint, and blow bubbles. Yes. What I'm talking about is bigger then that. Yes they are children, and need to play like children play, but one day, and all to soon, they will be adults. They will need to know how to act properly in public (or you'll be telling your 15 year old to pull their pants up in the grocery store.) They will need to know how to do laundry, cook and bake, treat others.

Some people say I'm to hard on Blu, mostly my parents. But I look at it this way, he has to learn sometime, and the sooner the better. He gets his share of fun too. So many people let their children do things because it's cute, or snap pictures instead of punishing, but then wonder why the child repeats that behavior. Well last time it got their picture taken, but this time you are frustrated and punish them, and wonder why they are confused.

With Blu if I'd think it was unacceptable if he was older, then I treat it as unacceptable now. I am not raising a little boy, I am raising him into what he will become, a grown man.

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Mommy Matters said...

I'm guilty of taking those I can't help it! Sometimes I just want to capture "the moment" and those are some of the funniest moments out of my life. But I get your message. I always think of my "kids" as "little people". I hated being treated like a kid growing up, it always seemed so unfair, there has to be a balance, because they are "kids", but they're people too. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm respectful towards my kids, and the expectation is that they're respectful in return. So far it's worked well, but we're just entering the teen years, so we'll see how it works in the long term.