Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet My New Companions

I have three new daily companions. For those unaware the north east has gotten a LOT of snow lately. Last Saturday my town got 34 inches!!! So my first companion is snow, because seriously, this stuff is not melting anytime soon.  These are various picture from last weekend. The cars are shoveled out now, but really where do you put that much snow, so it’s piled outside the living room window. The parking area is now down to black top, and roads too. But this is what we had to deal with.

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2610 029

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  2610 045

And that leads me to companion number two, and three, or technically two, three, and four.

21210 001A bad picture since I’m laid up, but it’s two crutches and an ankle splint!

I have a condition in my leg already, including nerve damage and lack of some muscle among some other things, which is an important detail to the following story.

When the snow had stopped falling I cut up a large box and attempted to get Blu to sled down a small hill with the box, but he didn’t understand what I was trying to do, wouldn’t distribute his weight properly, and wasn’t moving. I had to walk alongside him pushing him forward, stepping in snow above my knees, until he finally got enough momentum to go by himself.  At one point I stepped down wrong, but it didn’t hurt much after, I thought nothing off it because with my issues I “step down wrong” dozens of times a week. It wasn’t until I came inside, took off my boot, and realized I could barely walk on it, and had to stumble to the couch that I realized I didn’t just step down wrong. Then I just relaxed, thinking it was a sprain, a good twist, etc etc, and it needed a few days. That was Sunday. When yesterday I woke up still barely able to move, AND was safely plowed out and not snowed in any more, I had a friend take me to the ER. She had 4 wheel drive don’t ya know.

Luckily it is NOT broken, which in my case is truly something to be grateful for. My doctors have always told me that with my existing problem breaking my foot or leg would have very bad repercussions.  It is however a serious sprain. How serious? I have no idea, I had to worse DR and Nurse ever. They told me NOTHING besides the fact that the x-ray was clear so I was getting a splint, and to follow up with an orthopedic if it doesn’t start to feel at least a little better soon. And that my dears was it. They gave me paperwork on how to use crutches, info on my splint (which is apparently used for moderate to severe sprains) and such and sent me on my way. The oh so lovely nurse, saw me with a stack of papers, a purse, my coat, new crutches, and didn’t even offer to help me to the waiting room! After I told her I was uncoordinated and she admitted Crutches would be hard for me. I woke up this morning and realized I had NO idea how to even put the splint back on! Luckily You-tube of all places helped with various videos on the exact splint I had.

So for the next 6 weeks minimum I have a splint companion, and a set of crutches for who knows how long. And eventually NEW dr bills, hurray! Because the old ones they just weren’t annoying enough!

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