Thursday, February 25, 2010

Odd Little Birds

I’ve had a rough day today. I’ve felt as though life has been kicking me in the face all day. Upon waking this morning I discovered that someone I knew online years ago, someone I was on a design team with, has since written a book, traveled to several countries to teach classes, and is making quite a name for herself. What have I done? Well, what’s one notch above nothing? Then a brand new doll/figure of mine broke. PLUS my ankle is still killing me and we ran out of Ibuprofen.

Anyway, all day I’ve been beating myself up about the first thing on that list. I don’t think it’s any secret that I fantasize of being part of the art and design community, and I am well aware that the only thing holding me back is me.

That’s where odd birds come in. About 5 or 6 years ago I had an Etsy shop, “Odd Little Duck” which is now defunct. My original banner and avatar were a digital drawing I did of odd ducks. The fact that my drawing is not the best, and it was my first attempt at digital art, meant they were not very good ducks. But over the years they’ve grown, changed, and well they aren’t ducks anymore. They are birds. The annoying part is that after I drew this rather sad examples of ducks, and started to use it as a signature of sorts the bird popped up EVERYWHERE! I even got paper at the dollar store with a border of very similar birds.  So I let them go, I figured there was nothing special about me or my birds if they were everywhere. BUT I’ve still held onto them, I bought that dollar tree paper, I’ve stitched them over and over, and stitched other peoples versions of them.

So today I decided to move forward with my stupid simple little birds. I’m gonna stitch them, appliqué them, make digital things with them, sketch them,  maybe find a way to tat them.  What will make them unique is the coloring, the styles, and what will make them good is my dedication, and craft abilities.  Do you know how many people make varieties of peg dolls? I do, a LOT, but they are still all nice. Do I have any idea who did them first? Nope. That’s me and my birds. Truthfully nothing original is left in this world, everything has been done before at some time or another.

So I’m going to go back and embrace the birds I’ve been doing all along. And whether it goes far for me or not, well that doesn’t matter cause I love them, and I enjoy them, and I like making all kinds of versions of them!


MaryAnne said...

Is that one of your little birds in your banner? I think that little bird is very cute =)

Alicia said...

No Mary Anne, It isn't actually one of mine, but the main reason I picked it is because it is so similar. (Perfect example of how I won't let the bird go!) My banner and background are actually free through "Shabby Blogs" My digital design skills are to limiting to design my own right now.