Monday, March 1, 2010

365 Toy- almost week 1

I recently have fallen in love with Flickr. I can see inspirational things, find decor ideas, see items for sale, get creative ideas, and have creative challenges all in one place! It’s like heaven in a website.  As part of my “I’m going to crack down, move forward, make art my life……” thing I’ve become more active on Flickr, and joined a challenge called The 365 Toy Project. Essentially you take a photo of a toy every day for a year.  I already had to skip a day, but just made it up the following day. About once a week I’ll share my photos with you, but you can add me as a contact over there (username mom2blu) and see them daily if you’d like.

The first 5 of my 365 are:

22410 005 

22510 009

22710 028

22710 043 

3110 010

They are all linked to their home on flickr, so you can click to read any individual story lines (such as the bunny with the broken arm.)

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