Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adults vs Monkey bars

At Blu’s party we walked to the local party. I was quite interested to see how the adults faired on the monkey bars. For a quick recap the kids were total monkeys:

32010 052

All three cops made it across:

32010 054 (Yes that tiny person towards the end is a full grown woman. Yes she is a cop. And yes the idea cracks me up immensely!)

32010 056 Blu is looking on to see if Daddy can do it.

32010 058 This one is carefully disguised by Nick and Blu.

The Administrative Assistant tried.

32010 050 Sadly, my dear friend didn’t make the journey. By the time the camera focused she had fallen and was walking away.

But I can’t say much, neither I nor the other stay at home mom in attendance even attempted it. I probably would if (and she too) if it wasn’t for sickness. (I am pretty sure my past cold is turning into a sinus infection, and I’m still dealing with my ankle also)

The last monkey bar athlete, and most surprising by far, was a scientist! While his journey was not captured on film I can assure you that this man truly DID make it all the way across the monkey bars.

32010 046


and that is the results of the Birthday Party Monkey Bar  Challenge!

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