Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Animal Birthday

Today was Blu’s birthday party. He asked for an animal theme, especially monkeys and dogs. Yes, yes monkeys AND dogs. It took three different stores for find enough that wasn’t just zoo themed or dog themed, but I managed.

We had a roll of zoo animal pictures to decorate (it was left mostly untouched until everyone was gone and Blu did about 5)

32010 028

We had animal charades, which sadly no embarrassing photos were taken.

We had play dough and animal cutters, many many animal cookies were made.

32010 027 I hid animal themed prizes in our big rice bin. The kids took turns digging for them. 

32010 034

We walked to the neighborhood park, where the kids made monkeys of themselves.

32010 052

The food included “puppy chow,” pigs in a blanket, monkey tails (frozen bananas in chocolate, which never got served) plus cow tails.

32010 026Party favors included squirrel nut zippers, swedish fish, and banana laffy taffy (monkey related,) plus a small puzzle (the ball in a plastic capsule kind) some small plastic animal figures, animals stickers, and general noisy toys.

And that is how we throw and animal themed (with emphasize on monkeys and dogs) party here at the Suburban Composition household!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how the adults faired on the monkey bars!

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