Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrift Store JACKPOT

I’ve STILL been laid up with my sprained ankle, a visit to the orthopedic specialist showed that I probably as as close to a snapped ligament as you can without snapping it. Essentially I have to heal from a very severe sever which takes a long time. Oddly enough the thing I’ve wanted most was a trip to the thrift store. I was going to go a few days after the injury, or was going to go before I got injured. I’m able to drive short distances now, and though the drive plus walking proved to much I went yesterday and I HIT THE JACKPOT!!! It was single handedly the best thrift store visit of all time. Keep in mind please that I’ve been thrift shopping for most of my 26 years, I’ve gotten expensive raincoats for $3, vintage clothes for mere quarters, and so on. Yesterdays visit really beats all.

Please ignore the fact that the skirts are drying in our ugly unfinished basement and enjoy the awesomeness instead.

31710 016The brown print is a full circle skirt. The black one has a tulle trim and an all over embroidery, I actually bought it on my last trip to the thrift, but it is just now getting washed (gentle cycles you know, you have to wait for a full load)  The blue gray skirt you see on the very side is actually inside out to dry better but is very similar to this one.

Behind the blue gray skirt, and unphotographed is one of those awesome 100% silk two layered wrap skirt/dress things.  Like sold here.  It’s a short one, one layer blue and one orange. I have a long one of these I got from hubby and Blu for my birthday last year and ADORE it. I’ve been wanting a short one so I can wear it as just a top.

31710 015 Ugly backdrop, but two awesome skirts. One pastely print light and airy one, and one chino with full front floral embroidery!

AND, another crappy photo, but awesome sweater!

31710 011It’s not misshapen, it’s laying over a couch back to dry. 

THEN, the most amazing find of all, these two pairs of shoes. I have big feet and thrift store shoes are a VERY rare find for me. Imagine my joy in finding two great pairs in one trip!!! I’ve been on a quest for cute mary janes JUST like these to wear with my skirts.

31710 009Here’s the greatest part of the already amazing jackpot. Those brown shoes, “Sanita” looked it up and they are HANDMADE Danish clogs! Retail value $120, I paid $5!!!!!!!  I told my hubby if all $100+ shoes are this comfy, I never want a cheap pair again in my life.

I also got Blu (or rather Blu got Blu) a funky hawaiian shirt several sizes to big, and also a book of books. One tiny little word book for each letter of the alphabet, plus 1-10, plus two shapes.

My thrift store total, less then half the price of those brown shoes new! SO worth the pain my ankle had last night!! Which in other news, being on pain killers so long has apparently messed up my allergies to the point that I am not having hives and terrible allergies. I have to choose between painful hives or a painful ankle. Sometimes things just pile up. But I’ll pull through.

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Misty said...

nice finds! i really like that black and white skirt.