Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe I’m just not strong enough

Do you ever feel like just screaming “Come on world, isn’t that enough?? Give me a break!!!!” Because it seems to be a constant something. That’s how I feel right now. Either me or hubby has been laid up/sick/etc since DECEMBER!! I had two months with a badly sprained ankle. I apparently got as close to snapping a ligament completely as you can without actually snapping it. Apparently my ankle was holding together by a string. It took ages to actually feel remotely normal again. THEN, while still hobbling, a cold went around here, and not just any cold, but a knock you out, wish you were dead, are you sure this isn’t the flu, kind of cold. Which it seems a lot of people got sinus infections because it. But I also have BAD allergies (I’m afraid at my upcoming allergist appointment that he may tell me I actually DO need to live in a bubble!) I’ve had a sinus infection for a month. Two weeks of that time I was on “Vacation,” and had a rash, it HURT, it BURNED, I felt like parts of my skin were on fire. We chocked it up to allergies, but turns out I had Fifths Disease!

I hate to write a blog post just to complain, and trust me I know it could be worse, it could be much worse. I HATE the fact though that I haven’t been writing at all. So many other good, wonderful, things have happened. Great pictures have been taken. None of them captured on my blog. I know blog writers come and go, and sometimes you read a blog and say “Hey they haven’t posted in MONTHS, they must not be doing it anymore.” I don’t want to look like that is happening here. It just seems like no matter how hard I try to change, to change my life, my habits, no matter how hard I try to do certain things, daily photography project, regular blog posts, it seems like the world puts obstacles in my path. Maybe I am to weak to break through the challenge?

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Orange Juice said...

OMG its so okay to complain! I hope you are beginning to feel better. You and your family!