Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Latest Yummy

Recently I tried a new cooking experiment and while the true health benefits can be questioned it is VERY good, and vegetarian friendly. Meat eaters, just cook a side of bacon.

42410 012It’s not the fastest breakfast in the world (read further down for an easier variation) but it still doesn’t take unreasonably long either. I like it so much that today I had it for dinner!

It’s so easy that it doesn’t even require a true recipe.


1 slice of toast

1 or 2 thin slices of onion sautéed

1 or 2 (I like 2) poached eggs. I make mine still runny, but you can cook it all the way if you prefer.

Top with salt, pepper, and thin curls of cheese. Tonight I happened to have some fresh lemon basil from a friend’s garden, so I diced it up on top also. It’s yummy without it though.

What I do is start the toast, start the water boiling for the eggs, then start the onion. The bread is ready before the onions. The onion is done before the water is ready, so I put the onion on the bread then move to put the eggs in the water.  As the eggs cook I slice any fresh herbs.  So it goes together pretty smoothly.

Honestly the cheese adds so little  flavor that if you don’t do dairy (I am cutting it out) you can just leave it out. No biggie.

If you are short on time, or don’t like poached eggs, check out this easier variation I did for Blu. I have no problem with giving him fully cooked poached eggs, but he waited until I was almost done eating to decide he wanted the same thing.  (Usually we all eat together but we have a variety of circumstances today that are causing a more eat when you want household.) I whipped this up just to be easier then redoing the whole thing again.

42410 017 I skipped the onions, just for times sake. I topped toast with a slice of American cheese, then a fried egg, then pepper, salt, and lemon basil. He scarfed it down and declared it “yummy yummy!”


Bon Appetite, which my Dad says “Is French for Let’s eat!”


Orange Juice said...

OMG I totally ate the same thing...well similar a few days ago minus the cheese and the bread was gluten free. lol I love the eggs still runny. Yummy!

Orange Juice said...

ps for flavor I added this:

just a thin layer on the toast adds so much flavor!!!