Friday, April 23, 2010

A Six Month Plan

Do you ever feel like I frequently announce new things I’m going to change about myself, my life, or whatever? I kinda do, just my fickle way of trying to be the best person I can.

Due to variety of reasons I’m making some real changes now.  Here is my six month plan:

Drop meat- cold turkey, starting yesterday. I’ve been debating it a lot. I was a vegetarian for several years, but lived at home, was in high school/college and it was a life of eating side dishes and no entrees. I lived in a place with almost no vegetarian options. I got sick of the lack of food. When I went to the prom, my prom night special dinner involved me order a plate of appetizers! On Tuesday we were at a Chinese buffet and I was slowly tearing into some steamed crabs. I was only slowly cracking them open, and didn’t have my usual (or any Marylanders) gusto. I realized I couldn’t get over the legs and parts of this creature which I was tearing apart for my food. Then it started. Blu started pointing to my crab and saying “No eat me! No eat me! Mama he’s crying!” And I had to put down the crab.

Drop dairy- no buying more, and after anything we have is gone we’re done, as a family, for minimum of two months.  Why? we are all allergic to it. My husband and I both couldn’t have yogurt, ice cream, anything until we were in double digits!  Right now I have a bum gallbladder, and hypothyroidism, both most likely caused by 26 years of forcing my body to digest something it’s allergic to. Blu is allergic too. I don’t want him to have my problems, and I especially don’t want him to think it’s hard to give up because he doesn’t know how to live without cheese.  We’re going to do two months, after the day our existing dairy runs out, and see how it changes us. Maybe we’ll go back, maybe not.

No Bottled Drinks- Okay, secret confession time. I literally live off of soda and coffee. It’s true. I drink almost nothing but coffee and soda. When I feel the affects of true dehydration, then I guzzle a sports drink, and then I go back to the bad stuff. I’m not giving up coffee, it’s one small joy of mine in this life, my own special treat. But I will not be buying or drinking bottled juice, soda, water, tea, sports drinks, etc. My big thing behind this is that I can say I’ll drop soda, but I’d replace it with other stuff. I’d buy sports drinks, or bottled teas. And I pictured the bottles. It’s a lot of bottles. So the no soda is for me, and the no bottles is for the environment.

No Sugar- We are going to slowly find good alternatives to processed sugar and by 6 months I will be (hopefully) completely sugar free.  This is a family thing that we will always stick with. We may eventually be a little more accepting of sweet sugary treats, but I want to break the cravings before I cave.  This is for Blu’s sake, as well as our own. It goes back to the whole “I don’t want it to be hard for him” thing. I don’t want him to need to give it up and find it impossible. I’d rather it be something he barely knows to begin with.

Eat Local/Seasonal- We’re going for a combo here. We want to buy local, when it’s in season, and preserve it for when it isn’t in season.  So we will buy what we can seasonally, from local sources, but are not sticking to only local AND seasonal. We’re not going to make a chore of it for ourselves, visiting farms for eggs and so forth, but we live in an area with a lot of options. Farmer’s Markets galore on weekends, and a variety of health food stores. We already buy our meat, hormone free and organic, from a local butcher. He gets it from farms less then a 100 miles away. Of course the meat doesn’t affect me anymore, but I think the fact that we do that for cheaper then grocery store meat is pretty awesome.

And not a huge one but I want to drop as much packaging as possible. Buying more bulk, buying in bulk in my own fabric bags when possible, etc etc. We do better then a lot of people with this already, but I want to do better.

Then after I/we decided all these things I realized they correspond with “Earth Day.” But I had no idea. I’m one of those “Earth day EVERY day” people.

But going with these life changes, I want some input from you dear readers. Do you want me to regularly share things with you about these goals? How I’m doing, recipes, etc? I don’t want this to be a “granola” blog, I’ll still do other stuff, but it would make this a combo of  vegan/locavore/homeschool/crafts/photography/life kind of blog.  Maybe some ideas of the foods I eat, some pics of farmer’s markets, some personal insight on this journey, and some regular parent of a preschooler things. Do YOU want to continue to read about my life changes? Or would you rather the other stuff, and a minimal amount of hippie stuff? Give me your input in the comments below. Leave me some Smart Remarks.  If nobody wants to read a lot of it, maybe I’ll start another blog for that type of stuff.


Orange Juice said...

forgot to send you this

so you can see I am totally doing the same thing!

Orange Juice said...

girl I totally want to read about your changes. My goals are oddly the same. I am planning on working toward a vegan diet slowly. I too am allergic to dairy. I was vegetarian for several years in my early 20's I would like to go back to that lifestyle I felt so much better.
Bring on the granola baby! I love me a hippie! ;)

Alicia said...

Oh Kristi, why do you have to move to Arizona? Move to Maryland and we'll be BFFs!! :)