Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Really do Make things

It’s true. I do. I mention it here, but rarely showcase anything I’ve done. Let me show you some things I’ve done recently, in the last three days to be exact.

First I hand drew this journal. Each page (including the inside covers, but not including the back cover) feature doodling and prompts for fun filling in.

52710 04352710 048 52710 044I also made a stash of headbands. Some for me, some for a friend, some for sale. (More on that in another post) Here are just a few of them.

52710 03752710 038Most of them feature a vintage or vintage repro on one side and new fabric on the other side. All are reversible, I can’t live without variety ya’ know.    


So, have you made anything recently??

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