Thursday, May 13, 2010

South Western Wrap

Since dropping meat, I feel SO much better. I lost 8 pounds without doing anything else! The indigestion I’d had every day due to gallbladder issues is gone.  Since mostly dropping dairy my thyroid function has increased. For the first time in a LONGGGG time I actually feel my age. And I’m taking food more seriously in general, which made me come up with this tantalizing lunch. Though truth be told, I ate it for Breakfast, well brunch really. I drink coffee for breakfast, then eat a good brunch around 11.

The South Western Wrap:

VEGFOOD 001First I took a Gardenburger Tomato Basil patty, And cooked it in the microwave for speed. Then for texture finished it off in the toaster. You can really cook it anyway you’d like. And anyway that I have cooked this patty I LOVE it.

ServeImage.aspxThen I took that patty, tore it in half, and wrapped each half in a leaf of lettuce.

Lay the wrapped patties, in a whole wheat wrap. Slice up one half of a yummy avocado and lay the slices  next to the patty. Add just a little salsa, and even some crushed up tortilla chips if you have them. 

It is so very very good!

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