Friday, May 21, 2010

Tissue Collage Suncatchers

I realized today that I have A LOT of activities that I photographed to show you here, but never did. Here is one such activity. It’s nothing special, nor imaginative, but maybe you need a quick simple thing and are having one of those common brain-dead parenting kind of days.

First cut tissue paper into strips, then give the kids scissors to cut those strips into pieces. OR just let them tear it (we were practicing scissor skills, so we cut) Also cut clear contact paper to a large sheet size, and remove the paper to reveal the sticky side. Roll just a little of the sticky side under to keep the paper hooked to the table. (Notice the side of Blu’s paper that is farthest away in this photo, you can see the paper rolled under.)

22710 008Then simply allow the tissue to stick to the contact paper. Overlap is fine, even encouraged, but don’t let it get to thick (so don’t crumple.) When the kids are finished top it with another sheet of clear contact paper the same size. Punch a hole in the top, or even cut it into shapes first!

(Notice the snow on the ground, there wasn’t a lot of sun to come through.)

22710 010Also, I do still only have one child, two days a week I watch another little boy, and while I don’t post pictures of him here, his work is sometimes shared. :)

We did these right before Blu turned three, about a month before, and he did his (on the right) all by himself. Brandon is one month younger, and got quite a bit of help. If you do this, I’d love to see your results!!

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