Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yellow Page Seek & Find

We live in a suburb of three cities. Two major, Baltimore and DC, and the state capitol. So it is a pretty high speed, people coming and going, almost the city, kind of area. Because of that, atleast I’m guessing that is why, we get A LOT of phone books. Probably at least 6 a year. Seriously.  But I try to utilize them, even if I almost never use them to look up a phone number. Whether you get six phone books a year or not, you can still do this too.

The only rule? You have to go front to back. (Get it? Reading readiness? Yeah I’m smart like that)

Before you play with your kids get some idea of what is shown on the yellow pages. Almost every book has a car, a flower, a bug, etc. Then have them start at the beginning, of if it is a real young kid start at the beginning of the correct letter, and make them look for it. Blu’s favorite?

51710 106That’s right, Dead Bug! That crazy kid!

I’m hoping to actually create a real list, then at any time I can just pull out the book and say, find a ….

Keeps him entertained for hours. Or at least long enough for me to go potty by myself! (But seriously, it keeps him entertained for awhile)


And if you get as many books as I do here are a few more ideas:

1. Use it for messy projects. Simply tear off the messy page when you’re done!

2. Use it for scissor practice. Just give a kid a phone book and some scissors. Really!

3. Tear off pages for funky drawing paper, or to lay down on the table before creating a mess.

Do you have any more uses for all these phone books I get??

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