Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lemonade Stand

I haven’t posted for awhile because after my last post I’ve been trying to get it together. I prayed, again, asking for a sign of what to do with my life, where to go from here. And my sign was given. Then I was getting myself together for the thing that was chosen, gathering ideas and deciding how to move forward. How about short story today, long story tomorrow?

To make it short I’ve decided to focus on kids/homeschool/etc and leave crafts/art/design as a hobby. Remember the homeschool magazine I mentioned? Well it is moving forward starting now. I’ve asked a friend who used to work in editing to help me, and also have another friend willing to do anything I need. I am at the VERY beginning, and other then having an idea and some basic info I am not even sure how to go from here. BUT I want to spread the word, I want to get other people excited about the magazine.

So I created a separate blog for the magazine, using the proposed magazine title “The Lemonade Stand.” If you are interested in the magazine, please check out the blog for it  here.  There is a bit more information as well as links to ask questions about it by formspring or by email.

Please tell your friends. Send them to The Lemonade Stand’s blog. The more interest in the magazine the better it will be!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts. I have posts coming up with the long version of this story, how to make the perfect iced coffee, and more!

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