Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay okay, I’m Back

Hey, that was several days, that was about as dedicated as I get! But seriously, thank you to everyone who left comments, emailed, talked to me on my way into church, and said “I read your blog, I just don’t comment.” I appreciate it. It made a series of thoughts go through my head.

As I read those comments or was told that in person I thought “I must have really made it come across that I was stopping because no one reads it. It isn’t about how many people read it.” Which lead me to realize, it ISN’T about how many people read it. These are my memories with my kid, with my family. These are my perspectives, my ideas, my dreams, my ambitions. This is my journal. The fact that people read it, if anyone reads it, is a bonus not a necessity.

WHICH lead to further thought, if it’s not about how many people read it, and it is my journal then why am I stopping? My main reason for stopping was to stop focusing on this and do other things to change my life. To conquer my messy house, to become the person I want to be, to decide who that person is. And while it may be a long journey there is one thing I know, and have always known, the person I want to be keeps a journal.

So if it doesn’t matter who reads it, and the person I want to be keeps a journal, then why stop my journal to become the person I want to be? (Does that even make any sense?) Shouldn’t I keep a journal of life as I grow and become the person I want to be?

And with that strange, possibly nonsensical, possibly deep thought, I announce my return to blogging. Thanks for bearing with me for several days while I intended to not write anymore. :)

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Jenny said...

I hear what you're saying on your last post. I feel that way sometimes, too. I've almost quit blogging before because it's frustrating to feel like you're talking to yourself. Or members of my family will tell me, "I liked that post" or something, and I'll think, "Why didn't you tell me that in the comment box?!" Old friends I haven't seen in awhile will say something about my blog, and I HAD NO IDEA they read my blog. I think non-bloggers just really don't understand how much bloggers appreciate comments. Linking up to group things help get ya comments, and it's fun to make friends through the blogging world - people to keep up with who you care about what they have to say, and they read your blog and comment back.

I also had to come to the place that you have - reminding myself how much my kids will appreciate my stories one day. If one of my parents had written a blog 20-30 yrs. ago, I'd be poring over every word of it.

And I like the idea for your magazine!!!