Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perfect Iced Coffee

I’ve been drinking coffee for more then half of my life. Really.  I’ve mastered the perfect cup, and while that isn’t much to brag about for regular hot coffee I’m VERY proud of my iced coffee. This post is to make a cupful, but I have done whole pitchers in the same way!

6610 045 Some of the main things you will need are a large cup, creamer, sugar, and  a coffee cup. You can also use coffee fresh from the pot. I have a Tassimo I use when making it by the cup, but coffee poured from a regular coffee maker into the big cup work just as well. We don’t drink dairy, so my creamer is Silk soy creamer. If you are avoiding dairy this is the BEST! I tried a few others and the Silk just knocked them out of the water. I also have a few sweetener packets instead of sugar. Use sugar or sweetener to taste.

Here’s the most important part:

6610 047That my dear is coffee ice cubes. They are VERY important.  An iced coffee made with regular ice quickly tastes watered down and weak. I keep a ice cube tray in my freezer, then any time I have a bit of coffee left in the pot I fill as many cubes as I can.  You can see it looks brown in empty cube holes, but it rinses clean with no staining.

6610 048Put some coffee cubes in the big cup. I use anywhere from 3 to 5, depending on exactly how hot it is, and how fresh and hot my coffee is.  Very hot coffee use more, coffee already cooled use less.

6610 050

Fill the cup about halfway with creamer. You can use more or less, but it will affect how frothy and creamy your drink is.  If your coffee is hot go ahead and toss the sugar or sweetener right on top of the ice. The heat before you stir will mix it in. If your coffee is cooling heat it just enough to melt the sweetener and mix the sweetener and coffee in a coffee cup.

6610 053 Add coffee. I use a regular sized cup, I think the Tassimo makes about 11 ounces? Really you just want to fill it almost to the brim.

6610 055Stir and enjoy!

If you make this I’d LOVE to hear what you think!! Go ahead and leave me a comment. 

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