Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Temporary Goodbye

I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from the blog for awhile.  for a variety of reasons really. One being that it begins to take an emotional toll to work on a blog and feel as though no one reads it. My posts almost never get a comment, and it produces a real “why bother doing this?” feeling. And that feeling just makes me think of all the other things I could be doing instead. I have a craft room in my house that is constantly trashed, not a little dirty, TRASHED! Because I never get anytime in there, to clean or to make stuff, and the time I get in there I make stuff and make a bigger mess instead of cleaning it up.

I’m also trying to make some changes in my life, in my house, and I don’t want that constant lingering thought in the back of my head saying “You really need to write a blog post. You haven’t in forever.”  I’m trying to learn to better manage my time, my household, and my ADD, and I want to put the blog on the back burner until I can fit it into my day without making sacrifices. Honestly, my husband and I argue almost daily over how messy the house is, and instead of cleaning I more then once have written a blog post. Seriously. It may not seem like I post very much, but most of my posts are written in times when I REALLY should be doing something else.

So while I get other projects together, while I get myself together, while I get my house together, and even get my life together, I’d like to bid you a temporary farewell. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I’ll be back! To those who have read, and who post comments sometimes, thanks!


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

I read all your posts. I just don't comment all the time because it takes me s much time- in fact I don't comment much at all anymore period. I found that I was sending hours commenting and really took the joy away from just enjoying the blogs I do read. As soon as I stopped I stopped getting comments myself.
I hear you on the should be doing something else though! SHEESH!
You're still in my reader- I think you're an excellent writer and I love to hear what you have to say.
take care!

Anonymous said...

sorry to see you go...yeah, i admit i am more of a consumer of various blogs and websites...please forgive my neglect...