Monday, July 12, 2010


The last few weekends, weekends when the weather allowed, we noticed something. (My family and I) At a particular area nearby, a well used  intersection, there have been some young boys, early teens, doing a fundraiser. First let me say these boys will NEVER get any of my money, and secondly let me tell you why.

If you see this boys they are wearing matching basketball jerseys. They are holding blue poster board signs. What do the signs say?

“Carwash, Help us raise Funds.” NO.

“Fundraiser please buy a …” NO.

The perfectly able bodied boys are standing at the intersection with signs that say

“Fundraiser, help us get money to go to nationals.” which really translates to “Give us money cause we want to go, but we don’t want to do anything to earn it.” Because I’m sorry, but standing in the heat in not sufficient to deserve money for a fundraiser. Not if you are able bodied young people.

These boys are not actively doing a fundraiser. They are actively standing on a street corner and begging.

Maybe I’m just over thinking the situation, but I can’t help but wonder how this is an acceptable thing. Is it because kids today are spoiled and are given everything they want? Is it because athletes are spoiled and given everything they want? Or are these boys just lazy?

Why aren’t these boys doing a carwash? A Bake sale? Selling lollipops, cookie dough, frozen pizza, doughnuts, fruit, or any of the other million fundraiser sales programs out there today? Heck, if they play basketball, why don’t they put on a fundraiser basketball game!?!?

Why exactly should I give my money to able bodied young men who are doing nothing but standing on a corner and asking for it? Is the fact that they are standing there a sign of our society? Or just a sign that they need to get their act together?

What are your thoughts? Am I just being mean?

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Mari said...

I completely agree with you! These boys should actively be doing something, other than standing on the corner begging. Allowing this shows them as adults they can just stand there and beg. Same as I see many other adults standing on the corners begging, they seem abled bodied to actively do something to improve their life, but NOPE! they rather waste their life away standing on the corner begging or waiting for handouts.