Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Since the end of June I’ve been having issues with migraines. Or I should say I was, because my latest prevention medicine seems to have solved the problem. After a month on a low dose medicine I was still having an issue so Dr follow-up sent me off with a higher dose of prevention medicine and a list of things to do to see if they affected the headaches.

One thing was to get my eyes checked. I’ve only had my eyes checked once, and I think i was in 5th grade, maybe it was even younger then that. I’ve always been able to see more then anyone around me, so we just never worried about getting it done.

Well it turns out I CAN see more, but have a slight strain to do so. So I got a very mild prescription of glasses. My prescription amount is literally .25 or something.

I got two pairs of frames (Hello America’s Best!) but only one pair have come in so far. I feel like my glasses complete my face. Without them I feel pretty goofy looking, but with them I’d almost consider myself attractive.

Few people who know me have seen my glasses so far. For those that haven’t, allow me to reveal my new look.


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