Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Newest

A doll store near me is closing, and I managed to get there just in time. They have only 4 more days. I’ve only been there once and left somewhat disappointed really. They focus almost entirely on doll baby types dolls that you display in every corner in cribs, cradles, rocking chairs, and such to freak out anyone walking through your house. The dolls that are cute but really are just dust collectors. I went in figuring I’d stock up on generic sizes of doll undies, socks, shoes, and tights.

A doll I looked at almost 2 years ago was still there, but I have already bought a similar doll anyway, and she was way overpriced.  I guess the fact that a doll will sit in the store for 2 years shows why the store was closing.


I DID get a  few shoes, socks, and undies (though apparently I dropped a pair of undies while walking around because only one was in my bag) BUT I also got another doll. I spotted this dear in the 80% off room, and at first couldn’t decide what to make of her. (Or him, I think it could pull off being a him)


I couldn’t decide if I thought she was quite weird and creepy looking or adorably cute. I decided to get her because I didn’t want to NOT get her and regret it. I can always sell her if I decide she’s not for me.

She isn’t really as red as in the photos. She IS however not made of the thickest most amazing plastic in the world, so the setting sun out the window made her glow like a lightening bug. Her hair is molded in and not painted, and appears to have never been painted. Her eyes are NOT painted but are actually inset plastic chips.  No maker marks. But she is growing on me. The more I see her the more I like her. Or him.

So how many dolls does this make for me? Ummm…. Let’s not discuss it. Okay? Okay.

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